Candy Names

The word candy is a name that is known to all kids as the very name of it can bring a feeling of sweetness to their mouth. Different varieties of candies are available in the market and the variations are present due to the type of sugar used and its concentration.

Aside from sugar, the other ingredients of these candies also vary, which is responsible for the different tastes of the candies. Because of these variations, it is true that not all candies are liked by everybody, and most certainly for the same reason mentioned, not all candy names are remembered by all.

If you start liking some particular candies, it is only proper that you try to remember the candy names or candy brands if you want to taste them again in the future. In fact, there are hundreds of candy names and candy bar names out in the market so that you might most certainly find it difficult to name them all. Sometimes, even your favorite candies might slip your mind.

Some of these candies have old candy names and have been popular in the market for generations. Some of the popular candy names include Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Hershey and M&M. Snickers is one of the old candy names that remains to be popular even nowadays.

Moreover, if you go through the names of candy or to the candy companies, in many cases, it has also been noticed that they have been named according to the taste of the product. Consider the candy names Sour patch kids, sour cherries, sour punch, sour plooms, etc. The very descriptive names of these candies suggest that all of them have sour taste. Similarly, if you take the candy names Hershey’s Chocolate bars, Chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered cherries, then it is quite clear from the names that all these items have chocolate in them. The set of candies having caramel taste in them include Squirrel Nut Caramels, Caramel Squares, Caramel Crunch, etc.

You will as well be surprised to know that there is an interesting history that is associated with the names of various candies. Candy names like life savers and pez, for instance, have got very interesting history associated with them. Pez was founded in 1927 in Vienna and the maker did it with the intention of helping people quit smoking and do away with cigarettes. In view of this objective, the candy’s flavor was made of peppermint, wherein the German word for the same is pfefferminz. Also, M&M was named after the last name of two of its founders Mars and Murrie.

These old candy names have made a permanent place in the minds of the people for ages. While a candy’s popularity can be majorly attributed to its taste, which people glorify, the unique candy names also play an important role in making this possibly world-renowned fame possible.